"I'm in my 40's now and in the best shape I've every been.  I love my arms, abs, shoulders, and everything Talfred has done to help me get in great shape. This has truely been a self empowering experience."
Patrina M. President, Pivotal Practices HR Consulting

"Rock N Body changed my life for the better,for good!" 
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It feels so good to be strong! My personal training with Talfred at Rock N Body has changed everything. He always has a precise plan and mixes things up, introducing new twists to fine-tune every muscle group. I was never an athlete, never particularly fit and now being almost 40 years old I'm in the best shape of my life. I had no idea what I had been missing beyond the gym, the benefits for body and mind are so worthwhile. I pay more attention to my posture, my nutrition and overall well-being and have more energy and strength for accomplishing whatever each day brings. I feel worlds better in my own skin. Talfred is a knowledgeable, challenging and encouraging trainer who has had a tremendously positive impact on me.

                                       Tamara G. Co-Owner Twig Interactive

Dear Talfred,


You are very professional and represent your company very well.  You always have a pleasant attitude, making anyone feel good even on their bad days.  After establishing my fitness base, you ensured that I received the best trainer-supervised workout that ultimately drove me on the path of reaching my goal- weight loss and maintaining a healthier and nutritional lifestyle.


You make a person want to achieve his/her goal through constant encouragement and tips.  Your knowledge, professionalism and credentials are very impressive.  Your personal attention and caring manner was motivational, making every exercise (regardless of how hard) and every rep during a workout seems easy to reach.  You show a person exactly how to do every exercise “safely” and “correctly”.  In addition to your instructional and motivational support, you are excellent with nutritional guidance.  You taught me which foods to eat and provided me with the basic nutrients which are essential for your health and diet.  (I even challenged your knowledge by seeking other resources and discovered you were right on the money with everything you spoke about- proving creditability to your knowledge).


I will recommend you anytime and I feel you would definitely be an asset to anyone.  As a Personal Trainer, you can help a person get to where they want to be with their goals.  Through your motivational and professional expertise, you are good at challenging ad changing a person’s outlook about themselves.  You build confidence and provide a person with results far beyond what they can imagine.


Thank you for the opportunity, it was definitely rewarding!



Thanks so much for all your help and motivation
to keep me in shape."

"I'm over 30 now looking and feeling better than ever!"

D'Ann Faught
Real Estate Broker

Working with a Personal Trainer holds great value and is an 
important investment in yourself to be guided toward success with your
Fitness Goals.
Attractive deals are being offered
 to get you started with a new
          strategy for success.

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